(07/2021 – Present: Tenure Associate Professor)(09/2015-07/2021: Tenure Track Assistant Professor)

(2013-2015: Adjunct Lecturer)

(2011-2013: Post-doc Researcher)

University of Nicosia. Department of Engineering (Position: Associate Professor)

Undergraduate courses offered/prepared for the Oil and Gas Engineering Program

  • Rock and Fluid Properties/ Petrophysics (OGEE-220/OGEE-225)
  • Drilling Engineering (OGEE-320)
  • Well Construction and Completion Design (OGEE-350)
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery Techniques (OGEE-430) 
  • Physical Geology (GEOL-110/ OGAS-211)
  • Petroleum Geology (GEOL-210/ OGAS-212)
  • Special topics in Oil and Gas Engineering (OGEE-490)
  • General Physics I (PHYS-150)

Undergraduate courses offered/prepared for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Program

  • Soil Mechanics (with Laboratory) (CEE-330)
  • Foundations and Retaining Structure Design (CEE-431)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (CEE-430)
  • Engineering Geology (GEOL-121)
  • Strength of Materials (MENG-270)
  • Fluid Mechanics (MENG-280)

Undergraduate courses offered/prepared for the Oil and Gas Management Program

  • Fuels Science and Technology (OGAS-215)
  • Petroleum Engineering Essentials (OGAS-425)

Post-graduate courses offered/prepared

  • Petroleum Geology (OGEE-510)
  • Drilling Engineering (OGEE-520)
  • Well Engineering (OGEE-524)
  • Hydrocarbon Flow in Porous Media (HGC-7.2)

Director of Laboratories 

  • Drilling and Completion fluids
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics
  • Petrophysics
01/2015 – Present

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

(Position: Visiting Associate Professor)

Hydrocarbon Flow in Porous media (HGC-7.2)

10/2014 – 10/2017

Intercollege of Nicosia. Gas Fuel Technicians Program (Position: Assistant Professor)

Courses offered/prepared 

  • Hydrocarbons Characterization
  • Soil Mechanics (with Laboratory)


Consulting and Preparation of the Path and Syllabus of the Gas Fuel Technicians Program (Operated from Fall 2013 until Spring 2016).